The Angry Patient


An agitated patient wants to speak to someone important…That would be you!!  Your staff has no idea what has the patient all riled up, but you agree to discuss the matter in a more private and controlled setting.  You take them to your office.  Early in your discussion, it is clear that this patient is a “drug seeker”.  As you attempt to manage the situation, the patient pulls a knife out of their back pack and tells you that they are not leaving (and neither are you) until they get what they came for.

What safeguards should we put into place for situations like this?
Consider patient flow issues
Consider furniture placement
consider your office setup
What training should we consider based on this experience?
Are their facility modifications that should be made?
Consider the facility size
consider the costs involved
Please provide a 2 page Microsoft Word document to me addressing this issue to include the items I have provided for discussion.

2 Pages

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