Tesco Financial Analysis

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Individual Written Coursework 2

Financial Analysis of a company – 30% of the overall module mark.


The assignment is a 1,500 word report.  Word count +/- 10% is acceptable.

Your report should be an analysis of the financial performance of Tesco PLC (Company number 00445790).

Start the main body of your report with an overview of Tesco’s recent history and any significant

changes that have happened within the company.

You should calculate at least 2 financial ratios from each of the 5 types of ratios: Profitability; Efficiency; Liquidity; Financial Structure; Stock Market measures (i.e. 10 in total). For each of your 10 ratios, calculate 2 successive years’ performance – e.g. 2012 and 2013.

You should analyse and discuss any differences between the ratios calculated and suggest reasons why the figures are different.   For example, if Gross Margin % has decreased, is this due to an increase in costs, or a decrease in revenue?    If costs have increased, might this be to increase oil prices?   Remember to back up statements with evidence (referenced appropriately) and logical, reasoned argument.  You may wish to also use a ratio from a company in a similar market, or a competitor to Whitbread and draw appropriate conclusions.

Repetitive statements along the lines of “It’s because of the recession” will not be rewarded!  Try and be more creative, original, and THINK!


In your assignment, you should ensure that you cite and reference all your sources properly, according to the Harvard convention.

If you have doubts about how to use this convention, refer to the document at  http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/studysupport/69049.htm

You should include references to all cited sources in a single list at the end of the assignment

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