Tesco Company Case Study (Business strategy)


Paper Contents
Task-1: Understand the process of Strategic planning

  • Assessment of business missions, visions, objectives, goals and core competencies inform strategic planning
  • Factors that must be considered in formulating strategic plans
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of techniques used in developing strategic plans for Tesco
  • BCG growth share matrix:
  • Profit impact of market strategy (PIMS)

Task-2: Be able to formulate strategy

  • An organization audit for Tesco
  • An environment audit for Tesco
  • PESTLE analysis
  • The significance of stakeholder analysis in case of formulating new strategy
  • A new strategy for Tesco

Task-3: Understand approaches to strategy evaluation and selection

  • The appropriateness of alternative strategies relating to market growth, substantive growth, limited growth or retrenchment
  • Market entry strategy
  • An appropriate future strategy for Tesco
  • Understand how implement a chosen strategy
  • The roles and responsibilities of personnel needed to implement the strategy
  • The estimated resource requirements for implanting a new strategy for Tesco
  • Contribution of SMART targets to the achievement of strategy implementation in Tesco Company
  • Importance of SMART target

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