TED Talk Presentation Project

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TED Talk Presentation Project Description and Rubric

English 10

100 points

Research Paper Length and Format Guidelines

★ 5 pages, plus a Works Cited page in MLA format.

★ No more than one page of graphics may be included.

★ Must be written in the third person in an academic voice.

What are the limitations of my research topic?

★ If you will not be using your TED talk topic, you must clear a new topic with me.

How should I organize my paper?

★ Your paper should begin with a brief introduction of your topic, including your thesis and your purpose.

★ Your paper should be organized by titled subheadings.

○ Example:

○ Title of your paper “Dreams”


■ Introduction of thesis and purpose of paper, with brief discussion of your main points.

Why Do We dream?

■ Written content about why we dream


■ Written content about nightmares

Lucid Dreaming

■ Written content about lucid dreaming

What Do Our dreams Say About Us?

■ Written content about lucid dreaming


★ Use as many subheadings as necessary to organize your paper (3 at minimum)

★ Subheadings should be in bold and underlined, but should be in size 12 font.

★ You should start your paragraph on the next line after a subheading title.

★ You do not need a cover page.

★ Your last page needs to be a Works Cited page.

Rhetorical Devices

★ You must use intentionally persuasive language.

★ Please see the rubric for the number of points that are assigned to each use of a rhetorical device.

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