Technology for reducing injuries in a car crash


This is a 15-page double-spaced term research paper for a 400 level insurance course at a University. The topic is insurance, and any topic is fine as long as it is not broad. For example, writing about life insurance is NOT approved. Any topics found in the back of each chapter of the book called, “Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance” by Mark S. Dorfman is okay. I found some hints regarding this paper online:Since it’s only a 4 page paper- you may want to analyze just the changes made by one auto manufacturer or automobile make. You should be able to go by one of your local dealerships and get materials their cars and interview a sales manager about the safety features that are in their cars. If you do that– go at a time of day the dealership is slow. Also- call the sales manager in advance and set up an appointment with him/her. Do a little research before you go so you have a list of questions you want to ask.

Cars today are designed to direct the force of the collision away from the occupants cage. Cars have crush zones through out them. The helps to direct the energy of a collision around the drivers cage and not through it. Seat belts have pre-tensioners. Air bags are a well know safety component. Now side impact air bags are more prominentt. Steering wheels in some cars are made to collapse when the air bag deploys – this helps reduce injury to drivers by airbags. Air bag control modules capture data after a deployment. What changes have been made to the reinforcement of doors? What changes have been made to braking systems? When you think about it….a lot of the features of today’s cars are to prevent accidents/injuries.

Also you would want to research types of injuries that result from auto crashes. Cost of those injuries per year. I would not spend a lot of time on the paper here – but this will build the foundation of why these technological changes were made.

Now that I think about it – 4 pages is not a long paper at all. You may need to narrow the topic down to one safety feature in one specific model or line of cars and how that has reduced injuries.

Pages: 2, double spaced

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