T2, 2014– MMH299 Business Communication Portfolio Part C – Self Reflection (Individual Submission)


T2, 2014– MMH299 Business Communication

Portfolio Part C – Self Reflection (Individual Submission)

DIEP strategy for writing a reflection

In your entries, attempt to:

  • Analyse your own performance as a learner
and evaluate your gains in understanding and completing tasks
  • Verbalise how you feel about your learning
  • Make connections with other experiences, such as, ideas
  • Demonstrate the transfer of learning to practice
  • Integrate the concepts taught in the course (including any literature where relevant)
D – Describe objectively what happened

Give the details of what happened. Answer the question: ‘What did I do, read, see, hear?’

I – Interpret the events

Explain your learning: new insights, connections with other learning, your feelings, hypotheses,

and conclusions. Answer the questions: ‘What was the reason I did this activity?’ ‘What might it mean?’

E – Evaluate what you learned

Make judgments connected to observations you have made. Answer the question: ‘How was this useful?’

P – Plan how this learning will be applied

Comment on its relevance to your course, program, future profession, life…Answer the question: ‘How might this learning apply in my future?’


Unit Number: _____________________________________________

Assignment: ______________________________________________

Student Name: ____________________________________________

Student Number: __________________________________________

Campus (On/Off) and Location: _______________________________

Please rate the contribution of each other member of your team by dividing a total of 100 marks between all of the team members who you believe made the greatest contribution to the team (do NOT include yourself in this list) (see the example below which you can overwrite). You are not required to rate your own contribution at this stage.

Group Members’ Names Contribution (out of 100)
1. John Smith 10
2. Jo Jones 30
3. Peter Williams 40
4. Karen Daily 20

Please provide explanations for your ratings, and if appropriate, describe how you have attempted to encourage the team member to improve their performance (number according to the numbers next to the group members’ names above). Your comments will be reviewed if a student should appeal their presentation evaluation, so it is important that your explanations are factual, legible and professional.


Now please provide an assessment of your own performance out of 100. Again, this will be reviewed against your team members’ assessment of you:

Name Contribution (out of 100)
1. Chow Yuen Fat 62
Comments: Explain why you have awarded yourself this mark

This evaluation is a formal component of your assessment

Full Name:       _______________________

Signature:        _______________________

Date:               _______________________

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