Supporting vulnerable children in the community


Empowering and Supporting Individuals

about supporting vulnerable children in the community and contact centres. It needs to provide lots of different quality references – and not websites. Consider the roles of different agencies involved in the development of family life. It needs to be about holistic care but not be descriptive.Only provide 1 theorist such as Maslow.

  • Discuss the impact of not providing Advocacy, Confidentiality, Equality, Empowerment or unconditional positive regard.
  • Discuss humanistic approach and diverse community with individual needs. Focus on treating children and young people with respect and dignity regardless of their background. Discuss current relevant policies on inclusion and children’s act.
  • Examine concepts of empowerment relating to the individual needs of the target group. Provide analysis.
  • Discuss ramifications of not being empowered and supported.
  • An investigative assignment on empowerment examining physical, psychological and social effects of special needs on individuals and carers. Use Harvard referencing system. Please use English not English American.