Students with Learning Difficulties

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Investigate Government authorised (e.g. UK Government: Education) websites plus other publically available information produced by Departments of Education or Ministries of Education websites in United Kingdom to answer:

  1. How students with learning difficulties/learning disabilities are identified, defined and characterised;
  2. The stated prevalence rates of these learners within schools;

3a. the recommendations offered by these authorities to assist schools to improve academic, social and mental wellness outcomes for students with learning difficulties/learning disabilities;

3b. the validity of these recommendations as measured against current peer reviewed literature around best practices models of supporting school success for students with learning difficulties/learning disabilities;

For 3b – I have supplied a variety of articles that you will need to read and refer to in your answer of 3b.

Cite all sources and include urls where appropriate – aim for at least 15 sources

Assignment Parameters

  1. Official UK Government or UK Education Department websites only. What you are trying gather is information from regulatory bodies around this area. In short, what information /programs /provisions do they provide to schools to help them support these students?
  2. Any search engine is acceptable
  3. Terminology usage. Learning difficulty or Learning disability? These terms can be used poorly, inconsistently or categorically in the literature. Be accurate with the use of terminology for UK;
  4. Peer reviewed journal articles sourced from 2004-date only
  5. 15 or more cited sources per group investigation (i.e. websites and journal articles
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