Stress and Health Paper


Final: Thinking about Psychology paper (30 %)

We will discuss many different theories of psychology throughout the course and we will look at biological, psychological and sociocultural elements of human behavior.

You are to pick a topic from the course (you may choose anything in our text other than research methods).

Part One: The first aspect of your paper should focus on the beliefs you had about the topic before you started the class. What knowledge did you have about it? What were your feelings about it? What about the topic was significant enough to you that you had thought about it before the semester started?

Part Two: Please explain your topic from a biological, psychological and socio-cultural perspective. How does each element affect the other? Is one more relevant to your understanding of the concept than another? Do you think one is more important than another? Why?

Part Three: How has your thinking about the topic changed since the start of the semester? Why do you think it has changed? If your thinking has remained the same, explain why you think that is. This is the section where you should be most detailed and explore your relationship to psychology and the topic. What aspects of your thinking and personality make it so that your views either changed or did not?

Please feel free to speak with me if you have any questions.

This paper should be 5-7 pages long and must be typed.

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