Strategic and Financial Analysis of Ford Motor Company Paper

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Dissertation Title:

Strategic and Financial Analysis of Ford Motor Company

(in the year of 2009, during the economic crisis)

Problems in Ford Motor Company(case is in page 580):

  1. It had a big loss during the economic crisis
  2. High inventory, huge operating costs
  3. It sold most prestige brands like Jaguar, and try to sell Volvo division

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The auto manufacturing industry has been crushed of late by the global economic recession as consumer demand for new autos has plummeted.

Consumer confidence is the lowest in 40 years, and unemployment rates exceed 10 percent in many areas.

Unavailability of credit and high unemployment has pushed automakers to rethink methods of producing and selling cars.

Automakers have faced rising costs of health care and pensions. The Big three also suffer from an oversupply for dealers.

Many banks are just not making car loans.

The government bailout money is diminishing, and Ford has exhausted its credit lines

Main structure:

  • Motivation of the topic:
  • Originality of contribution:
  • Dissertation structure:
  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review (main part)
  3. Methodology (main part)
  4. Build the theory on strategic valuation
  5. Application of the theory and model to the company(PESTEL, Five Force, etc.)
  6. Critical analytics pertaining to case studies
  7. Conclusion
  8. Empirical analysis
  9. Conclusion
  • Initial bibliography:
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