Specified Counseling Scenario For Ethics: You are a new therapist in private practice


Consider the following counseling scenario:
You are a new therapist in private practice. In discussing the issue which brought her to counseling, Sally discloses that there is considerable violence within her home. She further mentions that her father generally takes out his anger on her younger brother who is fourteen years old. She describes that her brother is often physically bruised as a consequence, but that her father plans to move out of the family home in upcoming weeks. She expects that this will bring an end to the conflict between her father and other family members, and she does not want to potentially escalate the violence by having any outside agencies involved. You have only met with this client once before, and you have not discussed any of the limits of confidentiality with her.

Making reference to the relevant ethical codes/standards and legislation, please describe how you would manage this disclosure.

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