SOCIOLOGY 498 (Senior Seminar in Sociology)


SOCIOLOGY 498     (Senior Seminar in Sociology) -1 paragraph summary of paper with 1 reference

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to begin to organize your thoughts on your paper including location (and reading) of at least one relevant peer-reviewed journal article. The paragraph (a possible draft of your introduction) should include:

1)    Clear, well-articulated, statement of your thesis (research question)
2)    A statement on how this thesis is significant to the study of society
3)    A statement on how this thesis is significant to the subfield(s) of sociology within which your paper topic falls
4)    A brief summary (2-3 sentences) of 1 peer-reviewed article which you plan to use in your paper
a.    This should clearly identify how this article helps to explore your research question
b.    The summary should include the thesis of the article, any notable features (year published, methodology employed, sample size and/or composition), and a very brief summary of their findings
c.    Any paraphrased or quoted work must include APA formatted in-text citations and reference

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