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Dane’s Challenge: How HR Professionals Guide Supervisors in the Recruiting and Selection Process


Dane is a Data Scientist working in the CapraTek research and development (R&D) division. Dane has three new team leaders who will have four new teammates each. Two of the new team leaders are being supportive and cooperative in the process of developing a job announcement that Kimberly and Dana need to go forward in the recruiting process. One teammate is not. Calvin has prepared extensive, detailed work competencies that are very difficult for fellow IT peers to understand, and even harder for the HR staff to understand. Calvin said that these materials are essential for a successful set of hires. Dane is the supervisor, and he does not understand the material. Calvin works very hard and is currently doing the work of multiple employees.

HR Consultation

In Dane’s Challenge: Part 1, consider how Dane consults with our HR professionals, Kimberly and Dana, on how to respond to the situation with Calvin and the list of work competencies that are so unique, even he does not understand the level of technical detail.

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