Silko’s Essay


4 Does Silko acknowledge views about the subject that are different from her own? What is Silko’s attitude towards those who hold different views? Evaluate how well Silko includes and responds to an opposing point of view.

5 Analyze and evaluate Silko’s credibility and authority—her ETHOS appeal. (Review the notes for ETHOS in The Appeals folder on Blackboard.) Find specific examples in the text to support your analysis and evaluation.

6 What are the strongest and most persuasive parts of Silko’s argument? Where is her argument weak and what suggestions do you have for making her argument more persuasive?

7 What are your reactions and questions regarding the NARRATIVE style of argument? (Review the notes in the Kinds of Arguments folder on Blackboard.) As a style of argument, do you find it persuasive? What does or doesn’t make it work?

  1. What were your questions and reactions as you read Silko’s essay?

Link to Silko’s essay (the link is also in the syllabus that you can open on Blackboard):

Write or type your answers to the following questions and turn in your work for a grade. Be clear in your statements and evaluations. Use a mix of quotes and paraphrase from the text to support your analysis and evaluations.

8 Read Silko’s essay, “The Border Patrol State.” Identify her main and secondary claims, list the primary reasons that she provides, and summarize some of the key pieces of evidence that she provides.

9 Evaluate Silko’s LOGOS appeal. Are her reasons valid? Are her assumptions reasonable and fair? How convincing is the evidence she presents? Is it reliable? Sufficient? Is it biased?

10 Describe Silko’s intended audience and the purpose for her argument. What clues lead you to this conclusion? How persuasive do you think Silko’s argument is to her intended audience?

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