Should Animals be used for Research?

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Write a brief outline of your mid-term research paper. This should include the title of your paper, thesis statement with a clear plan of development, three sub-ideas, supporting details and a comment for conclusion. This outline may be modified later.

Mention ideas in brief. You need not write complete sentences.

Title: Should Animals be Used for Research ?

Introduction: Using animals for research prepuces is a debatable subject . In which many have taken different sides of that matter, between those who are in favor and those who are against.

Thesis statement with plan of development- nevertheless, animal testing have served the man kind in many ways by inventing treatments for serious illnesses, improved new development in medicine world, and increased the production of new products.



First body paragraph:

Testing animals have invented many treatment for serious illness.

First sub-idea- Animals studies have done a major role in medical research field and the key of basic knowledge in biology.

Supporting details- . “Between 17 million and 22 million animals are estimated to be ..”


Second body paragraph:

Animal testing has played a vital role in virtually every major medical advance.

Supporting details- Second sub-idea Using animals for research have a crucial part in medical research paper As stated by Animal testing and medicine journal In the the twentieth century animal testing have became essential when a company in the united state invented Sulfanilamide ..


Third body paragraph:

Third sub-idea -_____Animal testing have been a debatable matter. In between those who agree and disagree. __________________________________________________________

Supporting details- ______________________________________________________________


Conclusion: To conclude, the researches and medical testing on animals take big place in human health.



Mention all the sources you will use for your research. Write the type of each source (whether it is a book, a journal article or a webpage), its title, its author and the date of its publication.

Source 1:

1.Title: Use of laboratory animals in biomedical and behavioural research.

  1. Type: Online Book. (eEbook)
  2. Author(s):
  3. Date of publication: Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Company. 2012______________________________________________________________________________

Source 2:

1.Title: Animal Testing and Medicine.

Type: Article

  1. Author(s): Hajar, Rachel1
  2. Date of publication: Heart Views. Jan-Mar2011, Vol. 12 Issue 1, p42-42. 1p._________________________________________________________________________

Source 3:

1.Title:*ANIMAL experimentation

*ANIMAL models in research

  1. Type: article
  1. (Animals 2.0)
  3. Date of publication: (2015)



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