Scenario to compare and make a recommendation


Scenario to compare and make a recommendation

For your final (2 pages), you will create a scenario in which someone has asked you to compare several things and make a recommendation. Here are some examples:

You work for a lawn care company, and the mower you’ve been using is about to be beyond repair. When you report the situation to your boss, she says she’s aware that it’s time for some serious equipment replacement. She asks you to find out what’s available and make a recommendation. You know the machines you consider need to be easy to load and unload, able to make tight corners, be fuel efficient, have mulching capability, and be easy to maintain.

You’ve been asked to reupholster a couch for a family with small children. They want an elegant look with durability, easy clean-up, and an affordable price. What are their best fabric options, and which would you recommend?

You are a fashion consultant with a client who wants a makeover. She’s collected pictures of outfits that look wonderful but would not flatter her figure, fit her budget,nor be practical for her lifestyle. You figure out what she really wants (the underlying appeal for her in these pictures) and show her some other options, including your recommendation for her new basic wardrobe.

Your father has agreed to assist you with car payments, providing you can find an appropriate car. The two of you have not always agreed on what is appropriate. He values reliability, efficiency, and affordability. You agree that those are important factors, but you’re also concerned about your image. Find two or three cars that meet both your definitions of appropriate, recommending the one that pleases you best.