Saul Bellow Hidden Within Technology’s Kingdom


You must incorporate Saul Bellow’s work into your 750-word, using proper MLA citations. The Writing Matters material will help you with this skill, but you may need to visit the nearest ASC lab, too.
Topic: Reading
What is happening to reading? Are people reading more or less than in the past? How important is reading? Will other media, such as radio, TV, computers, and mobile devices make books obsolete?
What might our society lose if people read less?
Note: An answer to one or more of these questions in a single sentence becomes your thesis statement. The body defends the thesis.
Remember have a title, an introductory paragraph, several paragraphs in the body, and a concluding paragraph.
General Writing Guidelines
double-spaced, use Times Roman, size 12 font, include a header, a heading, and a title.

3 pages

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