Research proposal: Assessing a Professional Learning Community


Design and develop a research project to evaluate the impact of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) on teacher development and student achievement. In order to assess for effectiveness and outcomes of your PLC for your institution, you will need to conduct deep research about organizational elements and professional dispositions that predict successful outcome in this arena. For this question, generate a research proposal that will serve as the basis for assessing the impact of a PLC on faculty development and student achievement. Your proposed research study will be shared with local and state officials, administrators, curriculum specialists, parents, students, and others in the community.

In your answer, be sure to include responses to the following questions:

  1. What types of data would need to be collected?
  2. What data collection methods would best suit your study?
  3. How would you analyze your different data sources?
  4. What is the value/importance of a study of this type?
  5. What do experts in this field say about this type of study, from both content and a research methodology perspective?
  6. What ethical issues might arise during and from this type of study? How would you lessen these concerns to protect participants?
  7. Would there be limitations for your study from a methodological perspective?

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