Research Proposal – A communication plan for iPhone 7


A research proposal on the communication plan that Apple should use for iPhone 7

As a member of the agency, you are asked to put together a proposal for the agency’s latest client (which is a client of your choice) for a year-long communications plan. I understand that some of you have easy access to an organization. If you don’t, I’m happy to work with you to find one that might work.

The goal of the final project is to use research in communications planning. Primarily focus on using historical and secondary research as well as content analyses (or communications audit) for your situation analysis and research. You can certainly use surveys/polls, focus groups or other methods if you’d like to do so. More than likely, you will use more than one form of evaluative research.

The document should be approximately 15-25 pages (excluding references and executive summary). I’ve given a wide range because I’d rather have a well-written concise 15 page proposal than a hard-to-read 25 page one.

The proposal would include:

  1. Executive Summary (no more than one page)
  2. Situation Analysis
    1. SWOT analysis
    2. Internal, External, and Competitive Analyses
    3. Problem Statement
  • Research
    1. Research Results
    2. Implications of Research (i.e. key publics, potential key messages, priorities, etc.)
  1. Proposed Public Relations Goals & Objectives
    1. Goals
    2. Objectives (informational, motivational, behavioral)
  2. Plan Evaluation (How will the outcomes be measured)
  3. References

25 Pages

APA – 15 References