Reading Guide: Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go


Reading Guide: Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go


  1. Title, author, edition
  2. What are the goals of reading this work? Which means are going to be used to achieve them? (0.5)
  3. Subdivision of text. How should the text be broken down so as to make it available to the students at home and in the classroom? (0.5)
  4. Define working phases and the amount of time you dedicate to these. What are the roles teacher/students play in these phases? Which parts should be read at home, which in class? (1.0)
  1. How are you going to deal with the vocabulary? (0.5)
  2. What additional material are you going to add? (0.5)
  3. Think about and develop pre-reading and post-reading activities. (0.5)
  4. Are you going to assess the reading? How often? In which form? With which means? (0.5)
  5. In addition to this general guide you should present in fairly detailed form a minimum of four lesson plans (2.0):

30 pages

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