Project Proposal Activity: What is the program/intervention you wish to evaluate


Note: Since this is a mixed methods course, your methodology in your project proposal may include both qualitative and quantitative designs

This week’s assignment asks you to present the proposed direction of the evaluation,

Provide the following initial information concerning your project proposal:

  • What is the program/intervention you wish to evaluate?
  • What is the stated mission, goals, and purpose of the program/intervention?
  • Who are the relevant stakeholders?
  • What are your ethical obligations as a program evaluator? What are key standards that you need to follow in developing and implementing your project proposal? What might be some issues that are particular to application in your discipline (i.e., business, education, counseling) and for this project?
  • What research provides a context for this evaluation?

Every week, your assignment should be submitted using proper APA format. A cover page will not be required. However, the first page of the assignment should include a title and proper headings for sections of your response. In-text citations should follow APA guidelines, and you should include a Reference list as a separate page with entries that match in-text citations. You may include an Appendix if you have additional information (e.g., assessment instruments, tables/figures, other supporting documentation).

Additional files:


2 pages

APA – 3 References