Professional Supervision Portfolio:

Portfolio must include the following:   Each of these sections must be on a separate page to show that they have been address

  1. An introduction that sets the scene for the portfolio – 500 words
  1. Outlines contents included (contents list)
  1. Critical reflection on the experience of receiving supervision (500 words) –

Must include the following under this sub-heading:

  • Critical reflection is extensive, thorough and deeply insightful in depth, breath and detail. There needs to be excellent evidence of ability to monitor both own practice and the supervisory process through self-reflection, and professional supervision
  • Discussion must include personal experience on receiving supervision include:
    • -> discuss around supervisee coming prepared to sessions with what they need to discuss (agenda for session) having a good outcome / follow of session
    • -> discuss around the environment the supervision takes place-advantages for this
    • -> having an experienced supervisor vs novice supervisee
  1. Audio tape analysis of professional supervision provided for a colleague (1000 words)
    1. – this critical analysis examines the participant’s use of appropriate interpersonal skills and the supervision process within the provision of professional supervision.
    2. Significant learnings and personal development goals from this analysis should be highlighted. – what has been learnt- discuss around supervisor being a good listener – personal reflection on role change
  1. Critical reflection on the experience of providing supervision (500 words)
    1. – Personal reflection; how was it; how can the sessions be improved – please discuss supervisee being more experienced, well prepared (intermediate stage/ level 2) – supervisor novice / new to supervision role; discuss re: anxiety around given wrong advise as a new supervisor ; factors that one need to consider as a supervisor
  1. Critical reflective analysis (1000 words) – Must include the following under this sub-heading:
    • critique research that connects with your own experience and learning of professional supervision; critically analyse professional supervision practice; understanding of contextual influences surrounding supervision is fully acknowledged, explain to a high level and link with discussion and critique
    • Demonstrate understanding of individual and cultural difference – thorough analysis and reflection needed; insightful understanding of significance of individual and cultural difference within self and others
    • Cultural aspect is very important to be discussed
  1. Conclusion (500 words) – Summaries of overall learnings that have occurred. Personal goals for further development will be outlined
  1. A reference list – APA referencing style – Minimum 15 references required from the reference list provided below


20 pages

APA – 30 References

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