Print Awareness And Enhancement Of Children’s Language Development


The Relationship Between Print Awareness And The General Enhancement Of Children’s Language Development

Assignment #4: Research Paper (50 points)

The purpose of this assignment is to identify and critically evaluate the scientific literature, to synthesize information, and use it in writing a graduate level research paper. As part of this paper students are required to conduct a comprehensive search of the professional literature using the strategies discussed in class meetings and assigned readings.

Students may select a topic from the topics below or they may select a topic of their interest; however, no more than two or three students will be allowed to write on the same topic (and cannot use the same references).

  1. Your paper should be 4-6 pages of text (excluding your cover page, abstract and references). You are expected to review and critically evaluate all relevant information.
  2. You should include a minimum of 12 references in your paper. These must be from peer-reviewed journals. At least eight of the articles must be original research (i.e., research studies as opposed to opinion papers).
  3. Be certain to document ALL sources in the body of the paper as well as in the list of references a according to the APA Publication Manual, 6th edition and the APA supplement. References should be current. Summarize the information and synthesize it into a paper that is well organized and well written.


  • All of the major points must be supported by references to the professional literature.
  • Do not rely on a single source for a given section of the paper.
  • This paper must reflect your original work.       Plagiarism or other academic improprieties will be dealt with in accordance with program policies (see catalog).
  • Plagiarism or late submission will result in a grade of zero on the assignment.
  • The information from each study must be derived from a primary source.
  • A minimum of eight of the references must be original research. That means that the article should include a hypothesis or research question, methodology, results and discussion.
  • Headings must be used in your paper.
  • Textbooks and other secondary sources may be referenced, but do not count toward the required primary source references.
  • APA 6th Edition style must be used throughout.
  • Use Times New Roman 12 point type and one inch margin all around
  • This paper may not be used for other classes.
  • Class notes or discussions with your colleagues and instructors may not be referenced.
  • You must keep a copy of your paper.

Grading: The paper will be graded both on content (accuracy, thoroughness, appropriateness of conclusions, amount of support, etc.), and writing (APA style, grammar, organization, transitions, coherence, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph structure, etc.). Please proofread carefully before handing in your paper

Students will submit their papers to The instructor will discuss in class the procedure for submitting the paper to

IMPORTANT: No late submissions on assignments are allowed; while points will be deducted for late submissions on the Critical Review, the Annotated Bibliography or the Outline, a late submission on the Midterm, Final or Research Paper assignments will result on zero points awarded. There will be no exceptions to this.


CONTENT (30 Points) Points
Main points are clearly stated 9.0
Logical conclusions are drawn 4.5
Smooth transitions between paragraphs 4.5
Positions are well-developed and supported by data-based research 9.0
Abstract – succinct, relevant 3.0
GRAMMAR and APA (20 Points)  
Grammar 6.0
References (List) 6.0
In text citations 6.0
Quotations (should be used sparingly and only if these add significance) 2.0

 7 Pages

APA 12 references

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