Poor health outcome in South Central Los Angeles


PowerPoint Presentation

The goal of this assignment is to think critically about the need for cultural competency in health the US, and suggest innovative strategies to address that need (focus on solutions).

TOPIC: Why do “food deserts” result in poorer health outcomes such as diabetes and hypertension in South Central Los Angeles?

(some ideas http://www.medicareadvocacy.org/medicare-info/health-care-disparities/)

Address the following questions:

  1. a) In what ways does your selected population currently NOT receive culturally competent health care and public health service? Give specific examples that can illustrate your point.
  1. b) What are the specific health consequences of the non-competent health care for your selected population?
  1. c) What do you suggest to solve this deficiency? Propose one or a series of intervention activities / laws which would help your chosen population to receive more culturally competent health care. You will need to explain the possible short term and long term consequences of your proposed activities / laws.

Format your responses to these prompts as a PowerPoint presentation. The length of the presentation will not exceed 12 minutes.

General Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation should be similar to that given at a professional meeting.

Presentation Grading rubric—

Content of Presentation

Specific disadvantaged population is clearly defined and described __/5
Description of existing problems with culturally competent care provision is clear and concise, includes examples __/10
Importance of the health consequences to public health is described, some data/literature are provided to support this __/10
Presentation integrates themes from the course, applies them to this specific population/health issue/intervention strategy __/5
Intervention strategy is clear and specific. (I.e., audience knows exactly what you are suggesting should be done.) __/5
Intervention strategy addresses the problem with cultural competency __/10
Implications of intervention are given and seem relevant/realistic to the intervention. (I.e., how does this intervention address the problem?) __/10
Evaluation of potential effectiveness of intervention are given. __/5
Evaluation of potential pitfalls/weaknesses of intervention are given. __/5

Style and Presentation Format

Organization __/5
PowerPoint format readable and attractive (print size, color contrast, visual layout) __/5
Graphics are relevant and understandable __/5
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