Perception between American (west) and the Russian People


The goal of this paper is to present a combination of “erit” and “emic” perspectives on a cultural tradition related to one of the themes covered in the course (religion, ethnicity, economic system, etc.). Another part of the goal is to explore how cultural and sub-cultural groups are not homogenous in nature because perspectives on central cultural traditions, beliefs, and behaviors are often understood in diverse ways by members of the same community.

You must use at least 7 sources.
Two of the sources must be professional, scholarly sources     (book or journal articles). At least five sources must present emic perspectives.

For example, if you were to research sexuality within Cuban-American Santeria, you would draw information from at least two etic (scholarly) books and articles and from at least five emic (“native”) sources and electronic websites or publications (electronic or print) maintained by members of that group.

You will submit a draft of each section throughout the semester, and the final draft is due at the end of the semester.   See the Appendix for further details.

9 pages