People advertising themselves in today’s society


How do people advertising themselves in today’s society or how we are advertising our self

The following are your  Goals:

  1. Clear and specific thesis statement
  2. Academic language
    1. No “you”, “we,” or “I”*
    2. No “Blueprinting”
    3. No informal words/phrases
  3.  MLA formatting
  1. Paragraph Goal: Topic sentence – A specific point to support the thesis
  2. Paragraph Goal: Support for topic sentence – explanation/example of topic sentence
  3. Paragraph Goal: Concluding sentence — Connect paragraph explanation/example to topic sentence and thesis
  4. Paragraph Goal: Transitions– Use Transitional terms to move within the paragraph as well as from one paragraph to another: (Also, another, etc.), key words (from one paragraph to another), key ideas (from one paragraph to another)
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