Patient Satisfaction



In the best interest of patient centered care, the Board of Trustees has noticed a decline in our patient satisfaction results.  I need you to tell me what you think the top patient satisfaction issues in our clinic might be.  List at least 10, and you need to also help me assess whether or not these issues are systemic, or due to the fact that some patients just like to complain.  Focus on the systemic issues and present a discussion of how we can improve the patient satisfaction.  I expect a 2 page paper in Microsoft Word detailing your thoughts on patient satisfaction.  The third page of this paper will be a 10 question patient satisfaction survey.  We need to know the patient’s thoughts. These need to be measurable—I need you to tell me why.

Additionally, you need to identify what percentage of the patients would receive the survey. You may need to reflect back to how many patients we see based on your research for the “Know your Staff” exercise. What is the duration of the survey, how will it be administered and what percentage would need to respond in order for this to be a significant survey. This should not be a guess.

3 pages

APA 3 References

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