Patient advocacy from Master’s prepared nurse practitioner


For many years the concept of advocacy has been an integral role of the nursing profession. Explore the concept of advocacy and the implication for advanced practice nurses in improving health care access and quality.

  1. Briefly define and describe patient advocacy from the Master’s prepared nurse practitioner, nurse educator or nurse administrator perspective.
  2. Based on your Master’s prepared role as a nurse practitioner, nurse educator or nurse administrator, analyze a specific situation, from your professional experience or from the literature(* i would like it if you use an end of life situation), in which advocacy for improved access had an impact on health care outcomes.
  3. From the perspective of your role as a Master’s prepared nurse practitioner, nurse educator, or nurse administrator:
    • 1) discuss and describe one strategy identified in the literature that has promoted or might promote patient advocacy for a designated population;
    • 2) identify one expected outcome of the strategy; and,
    • 3) identify one method/tool to evaluate the identified outcome.