Paper I: Article Analysis

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Paper I: Article Analysis

Length: at least 4 pages (double spaced)

One of the purposes of this class is to prepare students for reading Scripture and working with interpretations of Scripture in their daily lives. To that end, the first paper this semester will involve a close reading and  review of one of several articles on the Scriptures. They are not “popular” articles, but they are not so technical that they will not be accessible. For the assignment, you are to choose one of the articles below (they are available on Blackboard) and write a 4-5 page review of it. The assignment is also practice for proper citations of sources. Your primary sources for the paper are the article and the Bible. You may use other sources if necessary, but web-sites are not to be used as sources. You should properly cite all quotations and provide a Works Cited page. Please use the Chicago Manual of Style for parenthetical references, and use proper spelling and punctuation.


Choose one of the articles below and read it.

Write a minimum four page (maximum 7 page) review of the article.

In your introductory paragraph, you should include:

            The full bibliographic information for the article (no specific format needed)

            The thesis of the article

Your thesis to be argued in the paper (Please underline this): Does the article prove its own thesis?

In the first part, you should summarize the argument of the article (no more than a page-page and a half)

In the final section, you argue your point about whether the author was successful.

Some things to consider: the flow of the article, any holes in the argument, etc.

Please write a short concluding paragraph

Cite all quotations properly and include a Works Cited page.


Berg, Shane. “Ben Sira, the Genesis Creation Accounts, and the Knowledge of God’s Will.” The Journal of Biblical Literature 132 (2013): 139-157.

Feder, Yitzhaq. “The Aniconic Tradition, Deuteronomy 4, and the Politics of Israelite Identity.” The Journal of Biblical Literature 132 (2013):251-274.

Hicks, Richard. “Markan Discipleship according to Malachi: The Significance of μὴ ποστερήσῃς
in the Story of the Rich Man (Mark 10:17–22).” The Journal of Biblical Literature 132 (2013): 179-199.

Parker, Julie Faith. “Blaming Eve Alone: Translation, Omission, and Implications of עמה in Genesis 3:6b.” The Journal of Biblical Literature 132 (2013): 729-747.

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