Pair of research papers about Social Marketing


This assignment is in two parts: part one is a compulsory question and part two contains three questions – you should choose ONLY one.

Part one: (1000 word)
Compulsory question: Review one pair of research papers about Social Marketing. Your review should elaborate on and compare the argument or findings and the methods used in the papers. In what ways do these papers make a contribution to our knowledge on
the topic they discuss?

Part two: (1000 word)
Choice of questions
Q.1. (a) Explain the meaning and purpose of the concepts of reliability, validity and generalizability within a traditional/standard research approach. (b) Review one piece of published research in relation to how the author has used these concepts.
Q.2. (a) What is the main advantage of using Focus Group methodology as an alternative to Group Interviews.

(b) Review one published piece of Focus Group research and assess the extent to which the author has used the method to effect.
Q.3. Drawing on one piece of published survey research, assess the extent to which the

(a) demonstrates the value of the survey method and (b) assess what further value a qualitative element DID or COULD have added.
All work must be properly referenced and paraphrased. Do not overuse quoted material. Avoid using secondary referencing as much as possible.

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