Organization’s summary – The American Sociological Association and the Society for Personality and Social Psychology


This week’s main forum includes 4 steps:

1) Research two of the organizations below: one MUST be the ASA.
No specific author or webmaster is listed for the ASA site, so an example full reference citation is:

Name of Association/or whomever owns the copyright. (year of publication/copyright). Name of specific page viewed on site/or site name if the entire site was used. Retrieved on [insert date] from: [insert full url].


American Sociological Association. (2009). American Sociological Association Website. Retrieved on December 23, 2009 from

2) For the two organizations, write a summary of its purpose/function/mission and benefits and resources it offers to members and the general public (if public resources are available).

3) NOTE:  Use direct quotes from the websites sparingly, and use proper APA in-text citations and full references for ALL paraphrased and directly quoted material. (not citing your sources constitutes plagiarism and will void the assignment points and result in a course grade of “F” if more than one instance is detected).
Organization List:

1.    American Sociological Association (ASA)

2.    International Sociological Association (ISA)

3.    Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

4.    Association for Humanist Sociology

5.    Society for Personality and Social Psychology

6.    European Sociological Association

7.    Australian Sociological Association

8.    British Sociological Association

9.    Association for the Sociology of Religion

10.    Sociology of Education Association

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APA – 2 References

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