Occupational Change through the Lifespan


Each student will develop a chart depicting changes in human occupation through the lifespan. Imagine this chart as one that would be published in a textbook, in order for students to understand occupational change through the different stages of life.
This will involve knowledge and understanding of human development through the lifespan.  Students must describe how occupations, performance skills and environment support and/or constrain occupational performance.
Students will address the following 5 life stages in each response: (1) infancy, (2) childhood,    (3) adolescence, (4) adulthood and (5) older adulthood.  Students will also need to use Occupational therapy practice framework: Domain & process, 3rd edition.
Students will need to discuss the following as they relate to each life stage across the lifespan:
• Changes in ‘Areas of Occupation’ that occur at each life stage
• Changes in ‘Performance Skills’ in each life stage
• How culture and cultural competence impact occupational performance in each life stage
• How the environment impacts occupational performance in each life stage
• How social systems impact occupational performance in each life stage

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