Number of live births among women of Hispanic origin in the United States


The purpose of this project is to analyze healthcare data based on the information that you learned in class. This project will be different for each student since students have the ability to select their own data from the Center for Disease Control’s website. (There is no charge for information from this website.)

Log onto the Center for Disease Control’s website at  This will take you directly to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Note: You may find it helpful to get familiar with the website before doing major research. Feel free to click on all the different sources of information on the site…i.e., “Feature Topics”, “New Releases”, “Survey and Data Collections”, etc. Once you identify a topic, feel free to utilize the search engine on the site for additional information about your topic.

Find a topic that you would like to do some more research in. For example, “Injuries.” You will find that there is an abundance of information for you to complete your report on in most categories. However, you may choose to do your report on Injuries in Alaska, and you will run into problems since there isn’t a lot of data. Make certain that you select a topic and parameters that lend themselves to complete analysis.

Note: There are tutorials available for you to view on the website if you need help with your data.

Your topic needs to include at least 5 variables. Example: Unintentional injuries in Females over the age of 65 in the state of Nevada. (Variable List: 1) Injuries, 2) Unintentional, 3) Females, 4) over 65, and 5) Nevada.)

Now, do an analysis of this information using the information that you learned in class and your book. Make certain to include charts, graphs, and narrative. If you find that you need more information to complete your analysis, broaden your topic. Prepare your analysis as if it is going to be published in a journal making sure to site all of our sources properly. Writing Assignment should be 6-8 pages in content, not to include title and reference pages.

7 Pages

APA 5 References