Nature of the Malaysian Government


Nature of the Malaysian Government

You are a member of an organisation working on specific policy issue in order to bring  about change improvements in existing responses to a problem.

The situation:Malaysia is currently a non-government member of the UN Security Council.Yet,it has only ratified 3 of the 9 core UN Human Rights Conventions Malaysia stated its commitment to pursuing efforts to promote and protect human rights ,but it doesn’t seem to delivering on its promises . European Union  has been built upon the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

This report has been commissioned by the European Union Delegation in Malaysia to assess the current situation of NGO’s in their pursuit to establish a more democratic society which serves and protects the interests of all. Malaysia currently has three organizations who deal with human rights issues; Suhakam, UNHCR and Hakam.

Writing tips :
Word Length:3000 words,excluding bibliography.
References have to be relevant and from reliable sources ,more than 15 resources
Agency website,journals,articles,books
Referencing in Harvard Style with footnotes .

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Briefing Paper – The Nature of the Malaysian Government

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