National Security Act of 1947

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Instructions: Answer each of the following in approximately woo words each.
1. An element of the National Security Act of 1947 states”… No United States intelligence information may be provided to the United Nations or any organization affiliated with the United Nations…” Briefly defend this position from an ethical perspective.
2. How would you define “morally intolerable”and “morally acceptable” from an intelligence operation perspective concerning national security? Is torture of terrorists or enemy combatants ever morally acceptable?

3. Explain what you would consider to be a working definition of integrity for an intelligence gathering government agency. What sort of attribute would be absolutes?

4. What sort of conclusion did Kent Pekel come to in his discussion of integrity and ethics at the CIA? What are his recommendations?

5. Under what circumstances would war be a “just” war? The law allows one to act justifiably in defense of self or defense of others, Would war also be allowed in defense of others?

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