My Biggest Perspective Change


ENG 4A03  #5: Creative Writing “My Biggest Perspective Change

Write an approx 800 word article/story/piece reflecting on the most significant perspective change YOU had so far during this course. It may be from the book, lectures, TED Talks, Choice Assignments, or any other experience related to the course. The goal is to make it compelling in some way. How can you best communicate the perspective shift and learning that you’ve had?

Estimated time: writing 10-20 hrs

Some notes to help you out:

  • If it was noteworthy to you, it likely is interesting to others too , so try to figure out why you thought it was cool – going deeper is usually more interesting than simple observations.
  • Personal stories are often very effective ways of communicating learning;
  • Consider discussing the shift’s impact on your life and choices – those are tangible manifestations of the change.
  • Remember the goals of the course – perhaps there’s a way to relate it to your personal vision of contribution or the interconnectedness of things.
  • Give some thought to the best style to use – . Make sure the medium & method suit the message.
  • Consider taking your “finished writing” to a writing clinic or coach and getting some feedback on how to improve it. Likely you’ll find that this “finished” draft can be improved a lot.


Assignment is worth 20% of the final grade, and you’ll receive a writing score and a content score, each out of 10, according to the following rubric:


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