Microeconomics – Interview of a member of the business community


Business Interview – The written assignment will be an interview of a member of the business community (this may be a member of your family). The interview will be based on the interviewee’s knowledge/perception of the importance of the following topics to the decision-making process within the organization and to its customers.

The paper should cover ( don’t just mention the term – you have to apply the concepts covered in the course to what you learned in the interview) a minimum of 4 areas from: *Knowledge of supply & demand *Government regulation *Price (as relates to elasticity) *Production & cost of firm’s *Market structure *Labor market faced by the firm *International trade & comparative advantage*Market Failure (when there is government intervention).

The result of the interview should be no less than 1,000 words and should include a graphical application on market structure (discuss your graph!). Include the name, best time to contact and telephone number of the interviewee. Submit the results of the attached survey with your interview paper (this will also help you focus your questions for the interview as well). Ten percent of the interviewees will be contacted based upon the contact information you provide.

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