Micro and macro analysis of the banking sector in Qatar

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This is a 10 Page term paper have 3 main requirements :
1) macroeconomic analysis for Qatars Economy
2) Industry analysis for the banking system in Qatar
3) analysis of two banks in Qatar ( QNB and international islamic )

* the purpose of the analysis is to choose the best bank to invest in a portfolio.

Portfolio out line

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
    • About Qatar economy
    • About security market and investments in Qatar
    • Thesis statement
  • Qatar Macroeconomic analysis
    • Economic growth in Qatar
    • Inflation rates in Qatar
    • Interest rates in Qatar
    • Fiscal policy and position in Qatar
    • Unemployment in Qatar
    • Currency exchange rates in Qatar
    • Politics in Qatar
  • Analysis of the bank sector in Qatar
    • Growth of the bank sector in Qatar
    • Profits recorded for bank sector in Qatar
    • Investments in the bank sector in Qatar
    • The Central bank in Qatar
  • Qatar National Bank analysis (QNB)
    • Financial analysis for QNB
    • Economic analysis for QNB
    • SWOT analysis for QNB
    • Asset analysis for QNB
    • Profit analysis for QNB
    • Ratio analysis for QNB/ Investment indicator
    • Summary
  • International Islamic analysis
    • Financial analysis for International Islamic
    • Economic analysis for International Islamic
    • SWOT analysis for International Islamic
    • Asset analysis for International Islamic
    • Profit analysis for International Islamic
    • Ratio analysis for International Islamic / Investment indicator
    • Summary
  • Evaluation of QNB and International Islamic stock prices
  • Comparison between QNB and International Islamic
    • Financial position
    • Profits
    • Assets
  • Conclusion
    • Most important findings
    • Which banks ( QNB or International Islamic ) is better for portfolio investment
    • Recommendations
  • References

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