Method of training most effective for a wait staff team in a full-service restaurant


TMP: Answer the following questions in one paragraph

Select the method of training you feel would be the most effective for a wait staff team in a full-service restaurant. Justify your selection by outlining why this method would be the best way for the waitstaff team to learn the different nuances of their positions,

Once you have. found the people you think best fit your organizational culture and values, you are then charged to keep them engaged and committed to their work. Outline how you might recognize when an employee might be in need of a change to a different team and offer two ways to make that change.

Research has shown that people have a basic need for recognition. ‘Managers often think: that financial rewards are the best incentive for employees. List three ways managers can use incentives to reward and recognize their teams of employees without spending any money. Explain your reasoning.

Analyze why money is often thought to be the most effective motivator and how the hospitality industry is able to dispel this common assumption.