Magic by Mem Fox Oral Skills


Assessment 1 (Total 30%): (1000 words)

This assessment is focused on developing your capacities to be a literacy teacher. Key aspects of these capacities are: knowledge about literacy, knowledge of how children learn literacy, knowledge of key theories regarding literacy.

Part of this assessment will also be ensuring that you demonstrate appropriate personal literacy skills as described in the course outcomes. These include the structure and paragraphs as well as writing cohesive sentences.

Task Name Task Description Word Limit
Task 1: 10%

Children’s literature selection

·         Select a children’s text by one of these authors:

o    Mem Fox

o    Dr Seuss

o    Babette Cole

o    Pamela Allan

o    Bruce Whatley

·         Provide the author’s name, book title, publisher and place of publication.

·         Using the readings, as well as further references, explain two ways in which you could use this text to develop oral language skills. Consider the readings for Week One, and in your own words, write a comprehensive definition of literacy.

·         Explain why you included particular concepts or aspects in the definition.

500 words

(+/- 10%)

Task 2: 10%

Diversity in the Speaking and Listening Classroom

·         With reference to the readings, discuss how a teacher can create an environment that fosters development of SAE whilst valuing linguistic diversity.


500 words

(+/- 10%)

Writing Skills: 10% Your written Standard Australian English, structure, academic writing style (using APA 6th edition style), and referencing skills will also be assessed.
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