MAE594: Module 1 Discussions


Draft a discussion board post of 250 words that addresses the two issues (highlighted in blue below). Please include in text citations and a reference list.

Module 1 Discussions

Appropriate Content for a Portfolio

  1. How do you define the term “portfolio” in teaching, learning, or your life?
  2. What are the most appropriate contents for the portfolio?
  3. According to Mackrill et al and Granberg (see references below), many processes are critical for candidate portfolio development, including appropriate collection, selection, and reflection of content. What do you think?

Reference Material

Mackrill, D. and Taylor, S. (2008). FlashPort – The next generation in e-portfolios? The use of portable applications as e-portfolio tools in teacher education. Journal of Systemics, Cybernetcs and Informatics. Vol. 6, No. 6, pp. 80-85.

Granberg, C (2010). E-portfolios in teacher education 2002–2009: The social construction of discourse, design and dissemination. European Journal of Teacher Education. Vol. 33, No 3, pp 309-322.

Your Personal Teaching Philosophy

Please reflect upon your own personal teaching (or training) philosophy. Do you have one? How does one’s teaching (or training) philosophy fit into a professional portfolio? Do you think it is important (or not important) to create an electronic portfolio?

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APA – 2 References

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