Write a 2-3 page overview statement reflecting the three main themes gained across all courses during your program of study. In the program, what main three themes were consistent throughout, or stood out in your mind as you reflected during the writing of your program of study? A well-developed reflective statement should demonstrate to the reader the reasons why you selected the particular themes either in the introduction or in the conclusion.

Please complete the following items:

  1. Develop an introductory statement. Include the philosophy/belief statement from your concentration in your introductory paragraph. Identify and discuss three main themes (or theories) that you have identified throughout your classes while working on the concentration program.

Information for the questions in #1

The goal of the Master of Arts in Education (MAED) program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for ethical and effective leadership careers in the field of education, staff development, and training.

Andragogy (Adult Learning Theory/Malcom Knowles)

Associated Course: MAE524 Adult Development and Learning

E-Learning (Distance learning delivered via internet accessed from a computer)

Associated Course: MAE523 E-learning Course Design and Curriculum Development

Effective Presentation Skills

Associated Course: MAE530 Presentation Skills for Trainers

  1. Discuss how your experiences assisted you in achieving the learning outcome with three main themes during the program. You may describe the philosophy and teaching/training/leading strategies that flowed from the themes. In other words, find the common themes and tell how they impacted your teaching/training/leading strategies and methodologies. Are you or will you use all this knowledge in your current and/or future career? How?
  1. Provide practical examples of how your course work with the themes in the program reflects your theoretical understanding of the role of educator/leader in your profession.
  1. Conclude the paper by discussing what you learned from doing this analysis – what surprised you? What have you learned about yourself as a learner?

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