The people who wrote the U.S. Constitution, the Founders, had definite ideas in mind in regard to power, its potential for abuse, and how a government could be constructed that would limit such potential abuses.  The system they created is often referred to as “Limited Government.”  But what is so limited about it?

Please write an essay that discusses:

-The Founders attitude toward government and power, and what influenced them to hold these beliefs.

-A description of the concept of limited government, and its relationship with liberty.

-Examples of how the U.S. Constitution sets up a government that can be considered to be an example of limited government.


The assignment is an essay, and not a research paper.  You are not expected to use sources other than the textbook and assignments for this unit of the course. No particular writing style is required, other than the regular rules of proper grammar, capitalization, paragraph structure, etc.  In-line footnotes should be used if you cite any specific material from the text.  In this format, the writer identifies the author and page at the end of the relevant sentence, in the following manner (Ferber, p. 57).  This format can also be used to identify other authors, although the assignment does not require you to use any.  But, should you use additional authors, you would have to identify the full source information in a bibliography at the end of the essay.

Your essay should be double-spaced, and be a minimum of two pages long, and no more than four pages long

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