Learning a new language


The paper is about the importance of learning a second language.

It happens to you, take it as a healthy sign of your openness to change, complexity, and alternative points of view. If writing a draft causes you to modify your views, it will be an act of discovery, not a concession of defeat.
For this assignment you must elaborate on your Exploratory  and turn it into an Argument paper. In a 6 – 8-pages, write an argumentative using the guidelines provided in Chapter 13, Writing Project, pp. 353 – 57.
1. Your introduction should present your issue, provide background, and state the claim you intend to support. In constructing your claim, strive to develop audience-based reasons.
2. A good thesis statement has tension and an element of surprise.
3. You must support your thesis with points and particulars in a carefully organized hierarchical order. 4. You must represent and respond to opposing views.
5. All your sources must be properly documented.
6. You must include at least two scholarly sources sources.