Language diversity and multilingual situation in the US

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Multilingualism or English Only


Define “language diversity” and explain the multilingual situation in the US. State your perspectives/argument.

Relate how language one speaks may shape his/her identities in public or private. You might want to add your personal experience to illustrate how your identity may change when you switch between different languages. Please include statistics, data or citations. Discuss whether English should be the official national language of the US to cultivate a national identity, or multilingual policy should be cultivated and implemented to preserve individual identity in the US.


Do you know English is NOT the official national languages in the US? Do you know only 28 states in the US have established English as the official language? How does a new country that is made up of immigrants identify itself given there is no official national language?, you’re asked to write an ARGUMENT based on your understanding from this week’s readings and videos.

As a bilingual, I believe you had the experience of switching between two languages when speaking in your native language when hanging out with your friends (as a private language), and talking with your American friends/classmates in English (as in public). I’m interested in learning whether you feel any differences when speaking in two languages. For example, do you feel more gentle, aggressive, nagging, convincing, powerful, logical or concise (and there are many other characteristics which define the speaker of that specific language) with your native language or English?


Your paper should be at least 750 words, with three to four supporting paragraphs. Write your thesis statement in the first or second paragraph of the paper. You must also include at least 1-2 citations in the paper. Remember what we’ve discussed about using citation, summary and paraphrase to avoid plagiarism.

  1. Intro + thesis
  2. Background
  3. Pro argument #1 (weakest)
  4. Pro argument #2 (stronger)
  5. Pro argument #3 (strongest)
  6. Counter-argument + rebuttal
  7. Conclusion (summary, solution or prediction)
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