Job Description for the UCCC Practice Manager Position


Scenerio #1
The majority of the class will be scenario driven:

I am the Senior Administrator for a Community Based Family Physician’s Group called the UCF Community Care Center (UCCC). We are for-profit facility, Physician owned, complete with a board of trustees. The premise is that you have just been “hired” to be the Practice Manager. We are open Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon. We have 4 Family Medicine Physicians, 2 Physicians Assistants (P.A’s) 1 Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), 4 Registered Nurses, 1 Lab Technician, 1 Radiology Technician, 4 Medical Assistants and 2 Administrative personnel, 1 Medical Records Technician, 2 Business/Billing staff, one full time patient scheduler and one part time patient scheduler. We are located in a busy section of town and we operate in a 10,000 square foot facility. All full time employees are expected to work 40 hours per week and part time employees are required to work 24 hours per week.

We are not doing well in many aspects of the business. Over the next 12 weeks, you will manage scenarios, derived from real work place events and incidents. You will be asked to draw from your knowledge base to provide solutions to problems, ideas for change management, financial analysis, HR management ethical issues and patient privacy issues to name a few.

My personal experience in Healthcare Administration is quite extensive. I have:

Managed a 24 hour MRI Center and was the hiring and firing authority for that center
Been the Director of Human Resources
Established a 60 bed hospital complete with Emergency Services and Operating Room Services for disaster relief efforts requiring the direct supervision of more than 200 staff members
Been a Medical Logistics Professional
Been a patient service representative
Been a direct care provider
Been a Practice Manager for the Director of Medical Services
Been a Practice Manager for the Director of Surgical Services
Written and reviewed more than 1500 performance appraisals
Developed numerous business plans and strategic plans
Worked as the Public Relations advisor and Community Liaison for an Ambulatory Care Center
Been the COO of an Ambulatory Care center with 148 staff members and more than 9000 patients enrolled for care
I list my professional credentials (these are real world, not derived for the scenario) as a foundation for my evaluation of your work. For many of the scenarios, you will find that there is no textbook answer. You will be evaluated by me (as your boss) based on my experiences, and your ability to provide logical insight to problem solving, putting your critical thinking skills to the test. For some issues, (Financial, IT, HIPAA) there will be “right” answers that I am looking for, and information to guide you to success will be included in the Modules as you progress through your 12 weeks of “employment”. You will need to approach each week as a “stand alone” event where these scenarios may be independent in nature and may or may not build on one another throughout the semester. You need to consider my feedback your performance appraisal.

Assignment: Page 1
To be clear on your roles and responsibilities, you asked to see a current Job Description.  Much to our surprise, there is not one in the files.  Based on what you know about the practice from the scenario, you need to create a Job Description for the UCCC Practice manager position.  Please remember to address ALL aspects of the position, as you will need to have an understanding of your authority as the next 3 months unfold.  No page limit and no prescribed format.  You may need to do some “looking around” to find a comprehensive Job Description for a Practice Manager.  Simply providing me with the information from the scenario will not be enough.  I need this by 11:59 on June 6th, 2015.

Page 2
In addition to knowing what your responsibilities are, you need to know what the rest of the professional (clinical) staff is capable of.

Family Practice Physician
Physician Assistant
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
Registered Nurse
For the professional staff listed above, I need you to tell me:

Minimum education Requirements
Capabilities (what they are allowed to do)
Restrictions (what they are not allowed to do)
For this assignment, you can use a bullet format system.  For example—

1. Family Practice Physician
Education required:
License Required:
Allowed to:
Not allowed to:
2.  ARNP
Education required:
License Required:
Allowed to:
Not allowed to:
Finally, for the Family Practice Physician, the ARNP and the PA, please tell me about the number of patients each of them should see.  This information can be derived from your understanding of patient enrollment or provider panels.
Please make sure to include your resources for all of this information.

2 pages

APA 3 References

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