It is bad idea to expand the bottle bill in the state of Massachusetts



1 Content of the paper should be 3 pages, not include the information page and references page.

2 The paper should be using 12-point font Times New Roman with 1.5 spaced.

3 This research paper should take at lease 5 sources (Articles, journals, newspaper, PDF articles, reports and research papers).

4 This is a research paper that means you need have work cited. (You need to show the links)

5 This is a research paper, which you CAN NOT use bullet points and subtitles.

  1. Those references should cited URL in APA format.
  2. In the content of the paper, you also NEED to show where you quote. For example: online display advertising is defined as an ad that can include images and text in any channel, and movement and interactivity in channels that offer that functionality (Roberts, Mary-Lou & Debra Zahay, 2013).

Topic: Being a local small business owner (such as Convenient store owner), you should think it is bad idea to expand the bottle bill in the state of Massachusetts. You are supposed to be opposing the expansion of the existing bottle bill. Please give some specific reasons that bottle bill should not be expand. You need to explain/prove why the proposed expansion of the bottle bill is bad or unwanted. You need to have graphics in supporting of your perspective.

You should write a narrative testimony paper, including graphics in support of your perspective. You must write this paper in a regular term paper format. You must write your sound analysis of the subject matter. And use others’ point of view, facts and statements that you found from articles/journals/research papers to support this paper. The most important is you must fully answer the question that why the proposed expansion of the Bottle Bill is bad or unwanted from an owner of small business’ perspective.

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