Investigation of Current and Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism


Assessment 2: Report – Organisational audit and recommendations.
Weighting: 20%
Length: 1000 words
Due: 24.9.2015  australian time

Using the knowledge gained through your lectures, tutorials, textbooks and your investigation of current and emerging issues in hospitality and tourism, you are required to select a real small to medium size business within the hospitality and tourism industry. (I ve chosen HOTEL HILTON IN MELBOURNE, Australia) -Note for writer -please talk only about this hotel, not in general.
You have to create an audit based on assessment 1 which is attached in aditional mkaterials. The main topics are :

Internet and customer driven technology.
Environmental management and sustainability.

Working in consultation with the business owner / manager (you can make up the conversation of course :)) your will conduct an audit. The purpose of conducting this audit is to see how ready and capable the selected organisation(hilton hotel melbourne) is to deal with the issues you have investigated in assessment one.(assessment is attached in aditional documents. The issues are:  De-regulation.Internet and customer driven technology. Environmental management and sustainability. )

{For example on the topic of “Environmental management and sustainability” your may select the local cafe and check on the following items:
* Waste recycling efforts.
* Use of natural light and temperature control.
* Use of environmentally friendly dish washing liquid.
* Purchasing locally manufactured products etc.}
Your then make recommendations on areas that require improvement. This assessment should be in a report format.

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