Internal and / or external business conflict


8730 Research Assignment Topics
1. Work based learning
1.1. Option 1: Helping your family business or current workplace solve a problem
Perhaps your family, workplace or manager has a problem s/he would like you to work and make recommendations in the form of a report? Write a clear explanation of the problem and email this to your tutor. You tutor will then discuss this with you in your tutorial for you to gain approval

1.2. Option 2: Helping Local Community: Cooma and Monaro Cooma and Monaro Progress Association or (Control School) solve a problem. If you have met the pre requisite of 36 credit points you may wish to undertake the (WIL Live projects with Comma and Monaro Progress Association or other WIL opportunities. This provides you with an additional opportunity to gain 3 credit points and an Internship. This additional unit will be supervised by the Senior lecturer (Greg Boland) and an extra 3 point unit will be awarded to you. If interested please discuss this with the unit convenor Diane Phillips email by the end of week 2.
2. Generic option 3 – please advise your tutor which project you would like to undertake to gain approval. Only onepeople per tutorial can select each topic. The broad topic will also need to be narrowed down and refined

My topic: Internal and / or external business conflict (impacting productivity, profit, or customer relationships)

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