Interconnections: Describe three interconnections that came alive for you during this course


This course has been not only about getting to know the ways in which the University and your colleagues can support you in your program of study and exploring the essential components of the early childhood field, but also about becoming aware of the important role that interconnections play in your growth as a professional; children’s growth into healthy, competent adults; and the growth of the early childhood field in its ability to support, lead, and advocate for the well-being of young children and their families. In other words, you, young children, and the field of early childhood do not exist in isolation. It is through meaningful reciprocal relationships that development and learning take place.
This week’s multimedia presentation, “Interconnections, Part III,” illustrates interconnections among the early childhood field, you, your colleagues, Walden University, and the MSECS program. This Discussion offers the opportunity to review and evaluate this new set of interconnections along with the entire “web” of interconnections, and to consider the personal and professional meaning that some of these interconnections represent for you.
In preparation for the Discussion, consider the following questions:
• In what ways do you feel connected to and supported by Walden University and your colleagues? In what ways do you hope these interconnections will grow?
• Which of the possible interconnections between this course, and your program of study, as underscored in the multimedia presentation, have come alive for you most clearly?
• Which of the interconnections provided you with new and meaningful information about the early childhood field and your role in it?

Your task is to post the following:
• Describe three interconnections that came alive for you during this course; provide specific examples.
• Explain how each of these interconnections contributed to your professional and personal growth.

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